8- 11 MAY, 2022 | ARAD, ISRAEL
Traditional ashrams were a way to retreat from everyday life to delve into physical and spiritual practice.

The gentle way in which we as a community can touch on tradition and this way of learning is to “retreat” a little from the life we ​​know, and dedicate for a few days to what is now called “retreat.”

It is an opportunity to experience a yogic lifestyle in a broader sense, beyond a studio lesson. In Britrit we will start the practice at sunrise, experience stewy food (clean and healthy), practice meditations in the quiet of the desert, and create an opportunity to observe clearly our life experience.


קורס יסודות המיינדפולנס – בסטודיו סירא יוגה | מתחיל בדצמבר 14

מבנה הקורס: 9 מפגשים בימי שלישי 19:00-21:00

ההרשמה נפתחה!

108 Sun Salutations

108 SUN SALUTATIONS 108 Sun Salutation In this practice we repeat the first sun salutation 108 times, giving each movement a breath (including downward facing dog). Repetition produces a meditative state. During the practice comes the moment when the poses flow by themselves, we experience “effortless effort”, the body works as if by itself, as […]

Space Rental

Space Rentals Rental spaces include: o Free Wifio Friendly and helpful receptiono Use of clean and newly built heated showerso Additional space for personal belongingso Daily cleaningo Central heating and air conditioningo Weekend and evening availability LocationGreat central location, secure and safe space in a yoga studio. 5 Ben Sira Street, Central Jerusalem 2min. walk from the City […]



Friday, June 17th 13:00 – 15:00

How to float up gracefully into handstand using the Bandhas!

Pressing into a handstand means to lift your feet off the ground using the core and bandhas, rather then jumping up with momentum. This is very usefull for learining to handstand, as lifting up with control means its easier to stay up as well!

Although in the Handstand world, Press is considered advanced, in the Yoga world it is common to learn to press up before we learn to HOLD the handstand (stay up)

In this workshop we will break down the main techniques to press up: Puppy, tuck, straddle and pike.

We will learn the drills and activations needed to access the lift-off. There will be options and prgressions for different levels, so each participant will have the drills that fit their practice and body.

This workshop is open for intermediate and advanced practitioners.

And no, You don’t need to know how to handstand! 🙂

Wellness Market

יריד בריאות בסירא אייל אסולין ודניאל סדן מתארחים ומארחים! יום שישי ה-11 בספטמבר | 12:00 – 15:00 | סטודיו סירא יוגה קורונה וויבז,  העולם עוצר מלכת,  וכולנו קיבלנו מתנה כפוייה של זמן חופשי להתעסק בעצמנו, לדאוג לבית, לתרגל יוגה, להקשיב לנפש ולעבוד על המיינד.  אנחנו אוהבים את התנועה הזו של העולם ולכן החלטנו להרים יריד כזהֿ בדיוק שנותן […]

חבר מביא חבר!

בכל חודש יולי, כל מתרגל/ת שמביאים
חברים לסטודיו מקבלים…

Mindfulness Course

Mindfulness and Meditation Course with Asaf Liberman
7 session: Wed. 8-10pm startiong Nov. 16th
Come learn valuable tools for a more mindful and aware life!