At Sira Yoga we believe that the teachers are the most important part of the studio. 

We choose the best teachers: those that believe in the yogic path and most importantly, care about the students.

‘I cannot be a teacher without exposing who I am.’ 

–Paulo Freire

Maayan Shenhar

Founder of Sira Yoga Jerusalem.

Born in Jerusalem, lived 10 years in California.

Practices Ashtanga since 2008, started teaching in 2012

Maayan Shenhar is an Ashtanga Vinyasa, Yin, Dharma and Rocket teacher. Her classes offer practitioners the opportunity to try challenging asanas with humor and playfulness, as well as explore yogic philosophy in a simple and practical manner.

Maayan was lucky to study with great yoga teachers:

David Swenson – Senior Ashtanga teacher and the student of Pattabhi Jois (100HR Second Series Course)

Sri Dharma Mittra – 300HR Advanced Teacher Training

Caroline Klebl – 200HR Teacher Training

Leon London – 100HR Rocket Training, and Assistant in his 50HR Trainings

Ricardo and Jois –  100HR Rocket Training

Kristin Campbell – Certified to teach Tapsya Hot Yoga by Kirstin, Founder of the system.

Maayan holds a Bachelor’s in Philosophy by from the Hebrew University and is currently working of her Masters.

Maayan’s Facebook and Instagram

Lula Almog

Born in Jerusalem. Yoga teacher performance artist, dramatist.

Founder of Sira Yoga – Jerusalem.

Teaches yoga since 2013. Ashtanga teacher, Vinyasa Hatha based on aids and basics.

Delivers retreats of silence and meditation.

“I first encountered the concept of yoga nearly 14 years ago, in Gandhi’s autobiography, when I travelled east at the age of 17. Indian culture since I first met it intrigued me, and I first encountered yoga through books. Learning yoga was alongside learning ideas from philosophers, meditation, art and Indian poetry.

I have been to India several times for periods of several months.

The field of consciousness research attracts me very much and a strong tendency to therapy.  I volunteered as a yoga teacher at a center for girls at risk, and at a hostel for the mentally handicapped.

In addition, I am an artist who deals with my art with tools that I have acquired from the world of consciousness research, so I mainly deal with performance, and reflexive performances.

I like to emphasize in practice the connection between action and intention, understanding of abilities and refining consciousness.

Lula has studied with:

 2013 – Shimon Ben Avi – a student of Pattabhi Jois (700 hours)

2018 – Anat Tzahor – Iyengar’s student. (250 hours).

2017 – Graduate of the School of Visual Theatre in Jerusalem (4 years).

Lula’s Facebook and Instagram

Shira Sendick

While searching for new ways to deepen my work with my body, I have found yoga at the age of 18. I’ve started my journey practicing Bikram Yoga (hot yoga) and gradually became familiar with more wonderful Yoga methods such as Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Rocket Yoga, all of which I practice today.

The yoga practice enables me to breath deeper, to move gently around the world, to observe and to soak in with contentment and gratitude everything the world has to offer.

The practice has opened for me new channels of consciousness and attentiveness to the body. I learned, and am still learning, and I teach and practice, to listen to the body, to work with the things that are available to us, and to see reality as an opportunity at all times.

I did a 600 hours Hatha-Vinyasa teachers training with Esti Or-Yam, and a 50 hours Rocket Yoga TT with Leon London (certified to teach Rocket Inspired Vinyasa).


I am also a student at “The School Of Visual Theater” in Jerusalem. I explore regions of creation, observing the ability of things to arise from the inside or to be absorbed from the outside.

Shira teaches: Vinyasa Yoga and ‘Yoga Foundations’ at Sira.

Leon London

Leon London‘s yoga story started 20 years ago, his first practice was with Billy Doyle (BWY), and it was the beginning of a lifelong passion.

Involved in martial arts from a very early age, Leon has always been intrigued by the possibilities and potential of the body, this led him on his journey to study many forms of physical culture; from boxing to Capoeira and he became a qualified sports massage therapist in 1999.

Leon has studied Kashmir Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga and Rocket / Progressive Ashtanga yoga & hot yoga, and practices Dharma yoga.

Leon previously owned his own yoga and fitness studios, where he taught (and still teaches) a fusion of arts inspired by practising along some of the worlds best practitioners; this includes the unique traditional  Indian club training & kettlebells, as well as functional style fitness and movement patterns. He is also an primal flow teacher, fitness and movement coach.

Leon teaches Rocket, Dharma and Pranayama classes at Sira Online, and visits for Workshops and Teacher Trainings.

נעמי בר און


My favorite practice: I love inversions!

Favorite book: Circles in a Forest by Dalene Matthee

Favorite Quote: “Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm” – Churchill

What I’m good at: Believing in the process.

What I like but not good: Getting out of the house!


My childhood, my adolescence and my life today are all intertwined in Jerusalem. I teach Pilates, movement and Handstands.

I started teaching as a fitness instructor in the military and from there I fell in love with anyone who enjoyed moving with me.



Through movement I found interesting ways of learning how to find love. In myself and in everything around me.

When the body moves through good music, between breaths, in a group or as a unit.

When I have excess energy, or when I am upset and fatigued.

At home, outdoors, in the mountains or in the studio. Through movement I have always found a process.

Maybe life is playing around us, and there is no other answer than dancing with them hand to hand.

In my classes I search the depths and growths I have in myself. I try to help people get a chance of seeking those things in themselves.

I studied with many teachers who found a connection similar to mine. Both as part of the studio “Ido Portal” in Tel Aviv (now “Movement Israel”), both in the studio where I get to teach today – in the classes of Maayan Shenhar, and with my legendary teacher and choreographer Ofir Yadolevich.

Danielle Sadan

תמיד נמשכתי לתנועה.
רקדתי מגיל צעיר פולקלור ובלט והופעתי בארץ ובחול.
בגיל 16 התחלתי להדריך את קבוצת המחול הראשונה שלי ובמקביל התחלתי לרקוד פלמנקו שסקרן ומשך אותי בזכות החיבור למוזיקה, לתשוקה, לנשיות, לעוצמה, לרכות ולקצב.
ב2013 עברתי קורס הכשרה למאמנים בווינגיט והתחלתי להעביר אימוני אירובי אישיים לנשים.
במהלך עבודתי כדיילת אוויר נחשפתי ליוגה לראשונה בניו יורק ולאורך השנים המשכתי לתרגל ביעדים שונים בעולם ונחשפתי למורים רבים ושיטות שונות.
עולם היוגה סיקרן אותי אבל רק
כשהגעתי לשעור הנכון, עם המורה הנכון והאנרגיה הנכונה התאהבתי באמת. הרגשתי תחושת התעלות של ממש וידעתי שאני חייבת To dig deeper.
התשוקה להעמיק לקחה אותי למסע של חקירה: תרגלתי שנים אצל דניאל גלבוע, מוותיקי מורי היוגה בארץ. עברתי קורס מורים לאשטנגה ויניאסה בהנחיית מעיין שנהר ולולה אלמוג, הכשרה ליוגה לנשים בגיל הפריון אצל מיטל עובד וגם הכשרה  לYin יוגה אצל נגה וייס.
היוגה היא דרך חיים עבורי.
חלק בלתי נפרד ממני. היא מקרקעת אותי, פיזית ומנטלית.
אחרי התרגול אני מבחינה שהתודעה שלי צלולה יותר, שמחה יותר… אני ממש ב׳היי׳.
נמשכתי ללמד ויניאסה פלואו בגלל הקצב והזרימה, המעברים הנוזלים, כמו בריקוד.
התרגול בשבילי הוא פלייברפול, האסנות מאפשרות לי להיות יצירתית, לבטא את עצמי ולשנות צורה.
אני מקבלת השראה ואנרגיה מהמתרגלות והמתרגלים וכל תרגול עבורי הוא מסע חקירה אל ה- עצמי.
 מוזמנות ומוזמנים לתרגל איתי ולהתמזג עם הגוף, המינד והנפש.