Rocket Vinyasa

Rocket Vinyasa


Rocket Vinyasa Yoga

Rocket Ashtanga Vinyasa is a style developed by Larry Schultz, a dedicated student of the founder of Ashtanga yoga – Patthabi Jois.

After practicing and teaching ashtanga for decades, The Rocket practice developed as Larry’s interpretation of Ashtanga.

Larry  developed Rocket to make the Ashtanga system more accessible to the western body. There is less focus on deep knee flexion (lotus poses) and more focus on strengthening the deep core in a functional and therapeutic way.

A Progressive approach 

Just as Ashtanga evolved through interdisciplinary exploration 100 years ago, so does the Rocket draws inspiration from pilates, and calisthenics and modern functional understanding of the body. 

A little faster than traditional Ashtanga count, lots of focus on leg and core strength, It is a fun and challenging flow with preparation for handstands and arm-balances through-out.