108 Sun Salutation

In this practice we repeat the first sun salutation 108 times, giving each movement a breath (including downward facing dog).

Repetition produces a meditative state. During the practice comes the moment when the poses flow by themselves, we experience “effortless effort”, the body works as if by itself, as a free and independent unit, and the consciousness lets go of the thoughts and is released.

Breath, movement, and even heartbeats are synchronized, and the rhythm stems from itself.

In the freedom created from the cyclical movement, like the cycles of the universe, We experience transcendence from day to day, connecting with the cycles of nature and harmony with the universe.

In the practice of yoga we often repeat this idea – for example, the OHM mantra is also meant to remind us that we are part of the universe.

You will be surprised to find that it is much less difficult than it sounds, and not necessarily more challenging than practicing dynamic Ashtanga or Vinyasa.

It is a powerful and unique experience!