“The yoga foundations class invites us (the teacher and practitioners) to take a step back and observe.”


Our Foundation class have a three part Structure: Asana (physical Postures), Pranayama (Breathins techniques) and Inversions.

In every class we will focus on a few Asanas (postures), breathing techniques (Pranayama) or a basic principle in the practice. We shall explore and take apart both familiar and challenging Asanas, in a way that would allow us to fully comprehend their essence and to assimilate them into our bodies.

We will aspire every class to add something to our “Yoga tool kit”, to establish and broaden our knowledge and familiarity with the Yoga practice.

In Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras it says that every Asana should be steady and comfortable. This is the purpose of the class- to help each and every one to find their way to breath deep and to relax, to be steady and comfortable in any Asana that we do.

The class is based on Hatha Yoga, but we will encounter a variety of variations from different Yoga methods, with an intention to prepare us to softly practice in every class we take.

The class is suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners.